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Main CONFERENCES and KEYNOTES : Room Louis Armand, Foyer S3

9.10am - 9.30am

Introduction of the Day

  • Mr Stéphane Travert, Ministry of Agriculture and Food
  • Mr Paolin Pascot, La Ferme Digitale’s President


9.30am - 9.45am

Investments in AgTech

Investments in AgTech are exploding around the world. Focus on The Yield Lab’s Investment Thesis : Scaling AgTech Startups from Early Stage Concept to Global Commercialisation

Nicky-Deasy-The-Yield-LabBy Nicky Deasy
Partner and Head of Operations at The Yield Lab Europe


9.45am - 9.55am

"Demain La Terre" Association’s Keynote

Fruits and Vegetable’s producers, engaged for a more sustainable agriculture. How the New technologies help those farmers ?

justine-colussoBy Justine Colusso
Project Manager of Demain La Terre

10.15am - 11.15 am

Agronomie and Data

When running properly its data, allow the farmer to focus on its agronomist’s job.

  • How Data become a major competitiveness’s issue of our farms, promising transparency, traceability and revaluation of the farmer’s job and work ?

  • Vincent MOTIN, Web Chief Editor Rédacteur - Réussir Group


  • Sarah Singla, Farme - Agronomist - Instructor
  • Stefano Volpi, Connecting Food’s Co-Founder
  • Philippe Stoop, ITK’s Innovation Manager
  • Jérôme Le Roy, Weenat’s Founder and La Ferme Digitale’s co-founder


11.30am - 11.45am


Introduction of the  “cAgri Parrains Network “and of “cAgri Farm Lab”.
Discovering of the  “Agri Startup Summit Event”.

herve-pillaud-Agri-ParrainsBy Hervé Pillaud
Farmer, Author, and Coordinator of Inf’Agri85

11.45am - 12am

AgriNEST Keynote: Connecting French AgTech to the world

The AgriNEST kickstarter program by Business France have been taking French AgTech to North America since 2015. Since 2018, AgriNEST brings innovative technologies to France by inviting foreign startups. Meet our 2018 AgriNEST  companies at the LFDay.


  • Aude Guivarch, Head of Department - Agribusiness and AgTech at Business France - Co-founder of the accelerator program Agri NEST,
  • Jean-Pascal Saucier, Director of Business Development Business France


12am - 12.20am

Keynote: FNSEA

Agri-Data : an ethical charter on the use of the agricultural databases.

Henri-BIES-PEREBy Henri Bies-Péré
2nd Vice-President, FNSEA


Lunch break

1.40pm - 2.40pm

Urban Farming

  • An ecological transition ensured for the urban people ?
  • What are the real stakes and issues of technological innovations in urban farming ?
  • A model that can be deployed from the countrysides to the city ?

  • Arnaud Chaigneau, Head of Ecosystem for NUMA’s acceleration


  • Grégoire Bleu, President of the AFAUP, President of La boite à champignon
  • Chloé Chupin, CEO of the sablières La Florentaise
  • Didier Rousseau, Founder and President of Weave


2.40pm - 2.50pm

Keynote: Digital Food Lab

The FoodTech in France, start-up’s creations and investments.


Jeremie-ProuteauBy Jérémie Prouteau
Founder of DigitalFoodLab and WeCook


2.50pm - 3pm

Keynote: Crédit Agricole

Village by CA: Supporting the agricultural start-up with our partners:

Example of “La Chambre d'agriculture d’Eure et Loir” and the FarmViz and Samsys start-up, hosted at “ Village by CA Châteaudun”.


  • Jérôme Damy, Innovation and IT Project Managers of the Chambre d'agriculture d'Eure-et-Loir
  • Daphné Chaillouet, Innovation and IT Project Managers of the Chambre d'agriculture d'Eure-et-Loir
  • Emilie Cornely, Mayor of Village by CA - Campus Les Champs du Possible


3.05pm - 3.10pm

Keynote: Biodevas Laboratoire

Innovation on plant health and crop protection : how to satisfy farmers, producers and consumers ?

Francois-BLUA-BiodevasBy François BLUA
CEO Biodevas Laboratoire


3.10pm - 4.10pm

Distribution for and by the farmer

  • Regarding the simplification of the distribution channels, what is the farmer’s place, for which new advantages ?
  • What is the role of digital technology in this paradigm shift ?

  • Nicole Ouvrard, Editorial Director of the AGRA agency


  • Hervé Solignac, goats’s breeder éleveur in bio eand Vice-President of UNICOR
  • Dominique Laureau, Co-Manager Les Fermes de Gally
  • Serge Papin, Ex CEO of Système U
  • Paolin Pascot, Co-founder Agriconomie and President of La Ferme Digitale


4.20pm - 4.30pm

Keynote: Innovation, driving of a more sustainable agriculture

The AgriChallenge’s example: the strategical agro-ecological’s lever of McDonald’s France

remiroccaBy Remi Rocca
Buyer, Quality, Logistic and Environmental Director McDonald’s France


4.35pm - 5.35pm

Focus on New Technologies

The use of new technologies increases in our farms.

  • How digital technology is transforming the farm ?

  • Maarten Goossens, Co-founder and Principal at Anterra Capital


  • Béla Jankovich,Large scale farmer and Owner at Amber Investment
  • Pauline Roux, Partner at Elaia Partnerss
  • Edgar Chaput, Co-founder of Perfarmerr
  • Mark André Goeddertz, Crop Science Division, Business Development and Licensing at Bayer


5.45pm - 6.15pm

La Ferme Digitale and partner’s press conference

6.1 pm - 6.45pm


  • Christiane Lambert, President of FNSEA
  • Jérémy Decerle, President of Jeunes Agriculteurs
  • Paolin Pascot, President of La Ferme Digitale
  • Florian Breton, Vice-President of La Ferme Digitale


6.45pm - 8.30pm

Cocktail Networking !

For any questions about our program, please contact
Nelliana Douaoui
Project Manager of LFDay and La Ferme Digitale